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Our Home Care & After Care Services

We provide ongoing care and support to assist individuals who have a chronic health condition with the medical care, knowledge, skills and nursing they need to better manage their life/health on a day to day basis.

Chronic condition patients can benefit from our in-house dieticians and physiotherapists to manage their health and wellbeing.

Palliative care is an approach to improve the quality of life for those with life-limiting conditions.

Our Palliative care nurses are specially trained to provide support and comfort for terminally ill patients.

We offer our clients the ultimate home care experience through combining simple but effective and innovative Swiss technology that supports remote vitals tele-monitoring from the comfort of their home.

The little bundle of joy is a life changing experience for a new mother. Our experienced nurses and Care Companions can support the new mother and baby with general baby care, bathing, breast feeding and much more.

Our nurses are highly trained to ensure that the patients’ needs are met, including identifying pain characteristics, management strategies, relevant medical and family history.

Our pain management team helps the prevention and treatment of pain as per the guidelines of the treating physicians.

We offer registered nursing assistance coverage for commercial or private flight transfers.

Nutritional support may be necessary due to diagnosis and dietary inclusions in the treatment plan prescribed by your healthcare provider.

Our in-house Dietitians/ Nutritionist will perform a risk assessment and provide you with a medical nutrition strategy to ensure an optimal nutritional status in order to improve your medical condition.

The healing process after cosmetic, reconstructive, or other surgical procedures requires special care and attention during the recovery period.

THB Home Health Care understands your needs after elective surgery. It is vital to connect with specialized professionals who will help you heal in the comfort of your home.

Our skilled team of professionals provide care and support in the comfort of your home, preserving the patient’s dignity, respect and independence. 

We offer care to seniors with acute and chronic health conditions to meet their long-term needs and improve their quality of life.

We offer at-home blood draw services, allowing clients to have a convenient experience in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Wound Care

Our Wound Care service treats all types of wounds. From pressure injuries, leg ulcers, diabetic foot, post-surgical wounds to any type of chronic or palliative wounds.

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

What is Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)?
NPWT is a wound management device that uses gentle suction, via a wound dressing and a small electrical pump to help wounds heal faster. It is now being widely used in hospitals and health care facilities worldwide.

What are the benefits of NPWT?

  • Removing excess fluid
  • Encouraging healthy tissue to grow
  • Protecting the wound from infection
  • Increasing the blood supply to the wound
  • Reducing healing time

IV Infusion

A big key to a healthy lifestyle is ensuring that we access and absorb the right vitamins, minerals and amino acids that our body requires. We are committed to offering treatments and services towards prioritizing wellbeing and lifestyle improvement.

Our infusions are only administered after being recommended and prescribed by a physician and tailored to the client's needs.

Benefits of RevitalLife IV infusion therapy

  • Boost overall health
  • Multi vitamins and mineral anti-oxidants against stress
  • Increase of hemoglobin levels
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Immediate treatment for diabetic neuropathy
  • Detoxifying body of toxins
  • Sharpens and enhances memory functions

  • Boost energy levels
  • Detoxify the body
  • Boost nerve function and memory
  • Supports hormonal balance through woman's life
  • Improves skin moisture level
  • Promotes healthy hair growth and supply nutrients to the hair follicle
  • Promotes and boosts healthy immune system
  • Boosts healthier nervous system

Your Companion for Great Health

Health Management

As a THB Home Health Care member, you have access to value added services, managed by a professional team around the clock.

You will be assigned a dedicated Health Manager to coordinate and manage all your health and wellness needs, appointment-scheduling and provide priority at select hospitals and clinics. Your Health Manager will also advise you of the best options for doctors and specialists based on your insurance and requirements.

24/7 Doctor on the Phone

Our Nexus includes over 25,000 doctors, specialists, wellness and healthcare facilities, available in over 140 countries and accessible in over 99 languages. These specialists and facilities are providers of the best practices in quality and patient safety in the world.

Be at peace knowing a physician is just a phone call away. Access the advice you need 24/7, no matter where in the world you are.

Benefits of Choosing Us

A Team of Professionals
THB Home care is made up of a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Our Health Managers are experienced in healthcare provision and we have a panel of medical advisors within our extensive network.

Unique and Personal Services
We Understand that everybody's needs are different. We take the time to get to know you, your likes/dislikes, needs and preferences, before creating a plan of care unique to you. We ensure our Care Companions and registered nurses have access to the most up to date information about you and the care being delivered.

Dedicated Health Manager
Relationships and trust are important, and this is never more true than when you open the door to your home. From your first meeting with us, to ongoing support and re-assessment, you will be assigned a dedicated Health Manager who will oversee all respects of your care.

Care Companions
Our certified, registered and hand-picked Care Companions each work with compassion and professionalism. All our our staff are thoroughly vetted, including: references, psychometric test, face to face interviews and skills assessments.

Continuity of Care
Continuity of Care is important for you, and it is important to us. Our health management team coordinates your care through ongoing assignments based on your needs and concerns.

Trusted By The Experts
We have been recommended by and are also partners with many local hospitals and clinics. Additionally, we are specialized in providing continuity of care to match your evolving needs in the short to long term.

Complete Solution
Whether you need a little cosmetic help or complete care around the clock, we can help. For many people, institutional/hospital care is thought to be the only option. We offer an alternative; comprehensive, one to one care, in the comfort and familiar surroundings of your own home.

Assisted Daily Living

When a loved one needs assistance with their daily activities such as dressing, toileting etc, it may be time to consider a home care aide. Those in needs of ADL have the right to remain independent and stay in the comfort and security of their home.

THB Home Health Care provides highly qualified home Care Companions and registered nurses 24/7.

Our compassionate team ensure the highest level of care and companionship for the ultimate wellbeing of your loved ones.

Assisted daily living entails
- Personal hygiene
- Eating
- Bathing
- Dressing
- Toileting
- Transferring
- Continence management

The purpose of assisted daily living is to provide high standards of care that enable people to live a safe and comfortable life, at home.

Specialized nurses who are trained in ADL become the Care Companions for those in need of care.

The Benefits of Home Care

Personalized Care
Before taking on patients, Care Companions take the time to asses the situation and develop an individual care plan. Patients will receive personalized care based on their health and preferences of lifestyle.

Comfort At Home
It is a known fact that seniors want to live in their home for as long as possible. Assisted Daily Living allows them to enjoy the comfort and familiarity of their home while receiving clinical treatment.

Quality Of Life
Many seniors struggle with basic tasks such as bathing, getting dressed or daily tasks. Care Companions can assist with these tasks and rapidly improve the quality of life for seniors.

Peace Of Mind
Both families and elder's receiving care can have peace of mind knowing that someone certified, trained and compassionate is available 24/7 to watch after them.

Affordable Care
Assisted Daily Living is one of the more affordable options as compared to residential facilities or hospitals. Families can save for medical expenses and other costs.

Reduced Hospital Readmission
Our nursing staff ensure smooth care transitions as patients are discharged from hospital facilities, helping to avoid the deterioration in health status that often brings back to the hospital.

Insurance Claims
Our Health Managers assist in expediting insurance claims, approvals, and reimbursement. This helps reduce insurance costs, ensuring a convenient and stress-free service.

Our Team

The THB team comprises of licensed, dedicated and compassionate professionals, that are committed to ensuring that patients receive the support they need while living in the environment where they feel most happy and secure. The team brings a wealth of professional experience in providing high quality home care.

THB Team Consist of
Registered Nurses
Health Managers
Licenced Nutritionists/Dieticians
Care Companions


Home and After Care

Our Mission

To promote choice, independence, respect and safety in home health care services to ensure your loved ones are comfortable and well cared for. Our compassionate and highly trained team aim to exceed our clients expectations by providing a holistic and personalized approach to care delivery

About Us

THB Home Health Care provides high quality services that are tailored to patients, from newborns to seniors, in the comfort of their home or accommodation.

Sometimes we all need a little help taking care of our loved ones. Whether it's care for a parent getting a little older, a relative that has had recent surgery or a child with an illness, we provide a range of services for clients to help them remain independent in their homes and preserve their independence and quality of life. Just asking for help is the first step to staying at home.

THB Home Health Care follows strict guidelines and procedures defined by the Dubai Health Authority, in addition to abiding by our company's ethical practices and code of conduct. At THB Home Health Care, we provide skilled and caring attention to optimize recovery and minimize risk, keeping you in the comfort of your own home. Our home health care model merges the best health care expertise, innovation, compassion, and commitment that your family members deserve, to heal at home.

We offer you and your loved ones the peace of mind and support to ensure you are in the best possible hands.

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