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who we are

THB Home Health Care highly trained team of professionals provides bespoke, high quality home care services to adults and children across all ages, in the UAE. Our physicians, nurses and caregivers are experienced and qualified in providing you the top class care service in the comfort of your own home or hotel.

Our healthcare at home services range from support with everyday living through to long term complex care. Our care packages can be tailored from hourly home care to 24/7 live-in care, and are available 365 days a year. Each care package is tailored to the person served requirements and is regularly reviewed and adapted to meet their personal preferences and changing needs. Our fully-licensed medical professionals are fully trained in all delivering care for family medicine, chronic disease, wound care, nutritional therapy, elderly care, palliative care, pain management, geriatrics, post-surgical care, and more.

We Focus on:

  • Rehabilitation
  • General healthcare support
  • Advancing the patient’s quality of life
  • Regularly reviewing patient care to assist them in adapting to their changing needs and preferences


The THB team comprises of dedicated and approachable professionals, that are passionate about ensuring that person served receive the support they need while living in the environment where they feel most happy and secure. The team brings a wealth of professional experience in providing high quality home care.

The Team Consist of:

  • Registered nurses
  • Health Managers
  • Licensed Dieticians

THB Carers are:

  • Highly trained
  • Hand-picked
  • Qualified
  • Dedicated

Services Include:

Our carers support individuals in understanding their diagnosis and assist person served in managing the disease. In-home care offers a solution to lessen the impact of the disease on ones daily living, lifestyle, and wellbeing. Diabetes patients can benefit from home care by collection of necessary data for future medical assessments, wound-checking, administration of medications, and monitoring of vitals. Our specialists can also assist with tailoring diet plans to manage your requirements.

Palliative care at home offers more options in choices and comfort as compared to when in a hospice, while maintaining the same level of expertise and support. Our qualified and compassionate professionals understand the challenges of supporting a loved one and their families, when facing an advanced or life threatening illness.

Our at home blood draw services ensure that person served have a convenient experience in the comfort and privacy of their own home. Our highly skilled technicians provide these services as ordered by your treating healthcare provider or physician. We only work with accredited laboratories in Dubai that comply with regulations of the DHA and exercise the highest standards of practice.

We offer registered nursing assistance coverage for commercial or private flight transfers. Our qualified nursing crew are able to assist with your flight arrangements and requirements to ensure safe repatriation and arrival.

Our Wound Care services treats all types of wounds, from pressure injuries, leg ulcers, diabetic foot, post-surgical wounds, and any type of chronic or palliative wounds. THB home health invest in NPWT (negative pressure wound therapy) to make sure we are equip with wound care patients . Patients with healing challenges – short and long term – are served accordingly. We strive to offer a holistic team approach to wound care for patients who have chronic or complex wounds.

We employ certified wound care specialist and a group of specially trained nurses. We are dedicated to providing the highest levels of care and support to our patients.

The home care nurse is a valuable resource for the family and physician to ensure that pain management therapy is effectively and safely administered. Nurses use a holistic approach to the ensure the patients needs are met, including identifying pain characteristics, management strategies, relevant medical and family history, and patient and family expectations and goals.

A big key to a healthy lifestyle is ensuring that we access and absorb the right Infusions vitamins, minerals and amino acids that our body requires. We are committed to offering treatments and services towards prioritizing wellbeing and lifestyle improvement. Our infusions are only administered after recommended by prescribing physicians, and tailored to the person served needs.

Our nurses can support all nutrition therapy plans to ensure the patient’s nutrition needs are met. Nutritional support may be necessary due to diagnosis and dietary inclusions in the treatment plan. Your loved ones receive the skilled care required to optimize care and minimize risk.

The healing process is after cosmetic, reconstructive, or other medical procedures requires special care and attention during the recovery period. In-home or hotel care enables the patient to recover in the privacy and comfort of their preferred environment while receiving customized medical attention.

Our experienced team is able to coordinate all areas of your care including medical appointment scheduling, liaising with your treating facility and physician, following discharge plans, reminders and follow-ups, and collecting and digitizing your health records.

It is often very difficult to witness the physical and mental health deterioration of an elderly loved one. Our nurses and physical therapists provide compassionate care and support services in the elder’s home preserving the patient’s dignity and respect. Following international safety standards, safety risks such as falls, administration of medication, skin breakdown are identified and addressed. Having our physicians available 24/7 may help reduce the need for challenging visits to the hospital which can be very disruptive to the patient comfort.

Special attention immediately after the birth of a child can be instrumental in nurturing mother and baby to ensure recovery through monitoring the health and needs of both. We provide the support that is required during this transition time, for ultimate peace of mind and wellbeing.

We offer our person served the ultimate home care experience through combining simple but effective technology that supports remote monitoring at home, based on the requirements of the person served. These telehealth solutions enable us to securely monitor patients, therefore allowing care related support, for acute and chronic medical conditions, as well as for preventative measures and early identification of risks.


We aim to exceed our person served’ expectations by developing holistic

and personalized approach to care delivery, focusing on promoting

 Choice, Dignity, Respect & Safety

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